Welcome to Coffee with Tom

Tom Hamrick began his legal career in 1989 with a nationally recognized law firm in Houston, Texas. Over the years he has litigated cases for and against large corporations, represented policyholders to recover damages for their storm damage claims, handled serious injury cases, and served as class counsel in complex commercial cases.

Tom’s experience allows him to provide valuable insight into the workings of the legal system and enhances the potential for client success. He is recognized as an authority on the subject of appraisal in property insurance claims for storm damage and is a training instructor to a select group of former members of the Texas judiciary seeking appointment as an umpire in the appraisal of property insurance storm damage claims.

In the area of medical billing disputes, Tom has represented individuals against hospitals seeking to collect unreasonable medical charges and advised doctors and medical practice groups on prompt payment issues with health insurance companies. During his nearly 30 years of practice, Tom has negotiated the settlement of thousands of billing claims brought by doctors against his clients.

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